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Hotel management. Why?

Tourism is an economic phenomenon with increasing strategic importance in worldwide economy. The up to 900 million tourist trips in 2007 will increase, according to the World Tourism Association, to 1.600 million in 2020. That will be the time in which it will become the main economic activity in the world.

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Spain is aware of this growth: since the seventies, Spain was one of the main tourist destinations. Today it is the second tourism recipient country in the world. In the year 2007, nearly 60 million people visited Spain. This generates 3’4 million direct and indirect jobs, 20% of them in the service sector, and it keeps increasing. It exceeds the 11% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and an annual increase of job offers is expected to up to 45.000. All this information reflects the great effort done by the Spanish tourist sector to provide with varied and qualified tourism services and products..


The hospitality sector must be more competitive and global attending to sociological changes and the new living habits inside the society, contributing to the country’s economical growth.

Several hotel chains are in favour of the internationalization, becoming tourism referents in different countries from Asia, America and Africa. Tourism is undergoing important changes in the last few years, due to the processes of market concentration, the growth of consolidated companies through franchising, internationalization and the appearance of foreign investors.

All these facts reflect that companies need updated information and better professionals.

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