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The Hotal Management School of Galicia is included in the Tourism Board of Galicia to which confers its legal personality. Tourism Board of Galicia is an public organization that depends of the Consellería de Presidencia of the Galicia Government. 

Hotel Management School of Galicia structure:

CSHG Management:

It organizes, coordinates and controls the activities in the centre with the collaboration of two deputy managers

  • Operations and work placements: Responsible for co-ordination and organization of work placements at firms and internal revenue management.
  • Teaching, Consultancy and Marketing: Responsible for coordinating all teaching departments and managing external companies training and consultancy..

Academic Coordination

This department supervises all teaching activities as well as providing with pedagogic support to students.

Work placement department

Responsible for organizing students’ hands-on practices at tourism and hospitality companies. Every year 400 students accomplish these work placements all over the world under CSHG coordination.

Teaching Board

Teaching staff organism, composed by more than 40 teachers, in charge of supervising the evolution of each and every student through their formative process. Teachers elaborate and develop study programmes and subject contents, as well as evaluating students.

Marketing Department

Responsible for CSHG corporate image and promotion, both internally and externally, representing the centre in national and international events.

Consultancy and Training

Taking advantage of our teaching staff expertise, CSHG offers technical advising and services to companies and institutions from the sector.

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