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These provisions regulate the use of the internet portal service (hereinafter, the "Portal') that the Xunta de Galicia makes available to internet users.

The Xunta de Galicia is the owner of the domain "www.cshg.gal' and the different elements included therein.

The content provided via this Portal is published for information purposes only and is not a substitute for advertising the provisions and acts that must be formally published in official gazettes. Although every effort will be made to ensure that information contained within is exact and up to date, the Xunta de Galicia cannot guarantee the absence of errors in the content featured on this Portal, nor that it is completely up to date.

The Xunta de Galicia is not responsible for any damages caused by the illegitimate or improper use of the tools and information contained in the Portal,  with the exception of any actions resulting from the application of the legal provisions to which they are subject in the strict exercise of their duties.

The Xunta de Galicia does not assume any responsibility arising from the connection or contents of links to external pages for which it has no control, and the user of this Portal must, in any case, abide by the specific conditions of use of such links.

The Xunta de Galicia reserves the right to make, at any time and without prior notice, modifications and updates to the information contained within or to its layout or presentation.

Intellectual and industrial property

The intellectual property rights of this website and its contents are owned by the General Administration and the Autonomous Galician public sector.

The information available on this Portal is subject to copyrights. Reusable information is available via the portal abertos.xunta.gal, although it can also be found on the Galician Tourism Agency portal and is subject to the same rights as the information found on the portal abiertos.xunta.gal. The information that the Galician Tourism Agency provides via the portal open.xunta.gal may be reproduced in whole or in part, amended, distributed and communicated for commercial and non-commercial use, subject to the following conditions:

  • Under no circumstances may information content be denatured. 
  • The user must cite the source of any reused documents.

This licence does not reduce or restrict the exclusive rights of the owner of the intellectual property rights, such as the design of the Portal and source codes, trademarks, trade names, logos or distinctive signs, in accordance with the Intellectual Property Act or any other applicable laws.

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Data Protection

The processing of personal data carried out through this Portal shall be subject to the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council of 27 April 2016 regarding the protection of individuals with respect to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) and other applicable regulations. The data provided by the data subject will be used, solely and exclusively, for the purposes envisaged in the procedure or action in question. Under no circumstances will the data be processed or transferred to third parties, except with the unequivocal consent of the data subject.

In compliance with the provisions of the aforementioned Regulation, the data assignor may, at any time, exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition as established by regulation.

The Portal users have access to all the information related to the treatment of personal data carried out by the Xunta de Galicia, including the way in which they can exercise their rights, the contact with the Data Protection Delegates and other aspects according to the terms required by the European Personal Data Protection Regulation, in the following link: https://www.xunta.gal/informacion-general- proteccion-datos)" style="box-sizing: border-box; background-color: transparent; color: rgb(5, 126, 181); text-decoration: none; font-weight: 700;">Information on personal data protection ( https://www.xunta.gal/informacion-general- proteccion-datos).

Use of Languages

Article 13 of Law 39/2015, of 1 October, on the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations, guarantees the exercise of linguistic rights recognised in the legal system and, in particular, those referring to the use of Galician in the citizen's relations with the Galician Public Administration. To this end, the Portal shall provide access to its contents and services, in Galician and Spanish as a minimum.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

For any litigious matter or relating to the Portal, Spanish law shall apply, and the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Santiago de Compostela shall be competent to resolve all conflicts arising from or related to the use of this Portal.



 Departamento de Coordinación Académica    
 José Bendaña Doce 981-542569 Coordinador Académico
 Montserrat Álvarez Vázquez 981-542531 Xestora
 Patricia Murias Gil 981-542595 Orientadora Pedagóxica
 A. Christie Alfeirán Regueira 981-542577 Adxunta Biblioteca
 Departamento de Organización de Empresas    
 José Luis Sieira López 981-542532 Resp. Departamento
 Pablo Mariño Díaz 981-542568 Profesor Finanzas
 Dora Díaz Fidalgo 981-542568 Profesora Finanzas
 Mª Carmen Almena Aliste 981-542568 Profesora Finanzas
 Raimundo Viejo 981-542579 Profesor Finanzas
 Alejandra Zapata Maqueiras 981-542579 Profesora Lexislación
 Inés Suárez Santos 981-542573 Administrativa
 Departamento de Marketing e Calidade    
 José Andrés Nieto Vidal 981-542576 Xefe Departamento
 Cristina López Quintela 981-542556 Prof. Marketing
 Paula Neira Placer 981-542582 Prof. Marketing
 Departamento de Recursos Humanos    
 Andrés J. Rumbo Amigo 981-542557 Prof. Resp. Dpto.
 Rosa Aneiros Gómez 981-542588 Adxunta ao Dpto.
 Departamento de Informática    
 Julio C. Santos Gestoso 981-542558 Prof. Resp. Dpto.
 José M. Seijas Cancela 981-542558 Profesor Informática
 Departamento de Idiomas    
 Christina Bradin 981-542575 Prof. Resp. Dpto.
 Caroline Prini 981-542575 Profesora Idiomas
 Paula López Durán 981-542575 Profesora Idiomas
 Inmaculada Gigirey Liste 981-542575 Profesora Idiomas
 Mercedes Sanz Rey 981-542575 Profesora Idiomas
 Iria Pastor Gómez 981-542575 Profesora Idiomas
 Martiña Piñeiro de la Torre 981-542575 Profesora Idiomas
 Noemí Comesaña Liz 981-542575 Profesora Idiomas
 José Rodríguez Vázquez 981-542575 Profesor Idiomas
 Margarita Fernández Álvarez 981-542575 Profesora Idiomas
 Cristina Casal Barreiro 981-542575 Profesora Idiomas
 Departamento de Aloxamento    
 Manuela Santamaría Fernández 981-542583 Prof. Alox. Área-Pisos
 Fátima Aguión Costoya 981-542519 Prof. Alox. Área Recepción
 José Sánchez Vidal 981-542519 Prof. Alox. Xestión Hotelera
 Departamento de Cociña    
 Roberto Walther Schnellbach 981-542574 Prof. Resp. Dpto.
 Aitor Maiora Zaldíbar 981-542570 Prof. Prácticas Cociña
 Rafael Del Castaño Pozo 981-542570 Prof. Prácticas Cociña
 Andoni Ibon Galarza Arteche 981-542570 Prof. Prácticas Cociña
 Braulio García Cruz 981-542570 Prof. Prácticas Cociña
 José Antonio Bernárdez Agrafojo 981-542570 Prof. Prácticas Cociña
 Carlos García Neira 981-542570 Prof. Prácticas Cociña
 Sonía García Coucheiro 981-542570 Técnica Hostelería
 Departamento de Servizos    
 Ángel Benavente García 981-542571 Prof. Resp. Dpto.
 Marta Amado Díaz 981-542570 Prof. Prácticas Servizos
 Julián Palomino García 981-542570 Prof. Prácticas Servizos
 José Luis Montero Biedma 981-542570 Prof. Prácticas Servizos
 Ángel Vázquez Novoa 981-542570 Prof. Prácticas Servizos
 Nuria Cid Álvarez 981-542584 Prof. Coñec. Bebidas
 Departamento de Explotación    
 Ramón Seoane Rozas 981-542578 Mantemento
 Higinio Sanz González 981-542645 Encarg. Almacén/Economato
 .................. 981-542519 Admtva. - Centraliña
 Departamento de Marketing    
 Antonio Vázquez Sanmartín 981-542593 Xestor de Marketing
 Óscar Alfeirán Varela 981-542559 Asistente de Marketing
 Departamento de Formación Continua e Consultoría    
 Nuria Sánchez Vázquez 981-542585 Resp. Departamento
 Marcos Tilve Rodríguez 881-999275 Consultor
 Beatriz Muñoz Chesa 981-542592 Asististente
 Outros Departamentos    
 Ester Fernández López 981-542584 Prof. Dietética e Nutrición
 Consuelo Tejo Nieves 981-542643 .
 Carmen Lago Liñares 981-542643 .
 Edificio Cociñas    
 Cociña Self-Service 981-542642 .
 Restaurante Self-Service 981-542644 .
 Restaurante Carta 981-542646 .
 Cociña Carta 981-542641 .
 Cuarto Frio 981-542596 .
 Edificio Aulas    
 José Perera Carballo 981-542519 . Ordenanza
 Biblioteca 981-542581  
 Cafetería 981-542587 .
 Recepción 981-542657 .
 Lavandería 981-542643 .


 Le antenderemos bien por teléfono : 981 542519 de 8.00 horas a 14.00 horas en horario de verano y/o por correo al This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


 Departamento de Coordinación Académica
 Montserrat Álvarez Vázquez 981-542531 Xestora
 Patricia Murias Gil 981-542595 Orientadora Pedagóxica
 A. Christie Alfeirán Regueira 981-542577 Adxunta Biblioteca
 Departamento de Marketing
 Antonio Vázquez Sanmartín 981-542593 Xestor de Marketing
 Óscar Alfeirán Varela 981-542559 Asistente de Marketing
 Departamento de Formación Continua e Consultoría
 Nuria Sánchez Vázquez 981-542585 Resp. Departamento
 Marcos Tilve Rodríguez 881-999275 Consultor
 Beatriz Muñoz Chesa 981-542592 Asististente
 Edificio Aulas - Centralita
 José Perera Carballo 981-542519 . Ordenanza


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