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European Bachelor

The EURO BA Bachelor in International Hospitality Management

 The 'EURO BA'a three year Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management studied over three years in three different countries!

This course is a unique opportunity for students to engage in a truly European BA award that is learnt both in the workplace and by attendance at three internationally recognised colleges.

The curriculum and its delivery is designed to reflect the needs of the hospitality industry for a flexible and innovative workforce, able to meet the ever changing demands of the marketplace. A common curriculum across the consortium ensures an integrated progression for the students as they experience three different centres of learning.

course structure

The EuroBA, a three year Bachelor degree programme in International Hospitality Management is offered by a consortium of five European Hotel, Hospitality and Management Schools, based in 5 different European countries.

The participating institutions are :

Angell Academie Freiburg

Ecole de Savignac


University of Brighton

Centro Superior de Hostelería de Galicia

Students follow a programme that prepares them for a management career in an international hotel and hospitality setting, and at a number of the institutions the emphasis is on hotel and culinary skills and at other institutes, broad business management skills and diversity within the industry are often a main focus. The programme gives students the chance to choose different styles and focus from the different institutions.


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