Xunta de Galicia

Grants and financing


ambiente en el centroEvery year, the Tourism Administrative Bureau supports CSHG scholarships plan to help students with lower income levels and also to students with the higher grades, with a total of 22 new scholarships divided into various groups:

- Registration scholarship for Diploma (10) and Restaurant Certificate (2): Depending on families’ income levels (60 %) and students’ average grades (40%).
- Resistration scholarships for academic excellence in Diploma (4). 
- Scholarships for academic excellence in 2nd year at Diploma (2) and 3rd year at Diploma (2): For the students with the higher grades. 
- Registration scholarship in 4th year at Diploma (3): Depending on families’ income levels (60 %) and students’ average grades (40%).

Instalment payment

CSHG also offers the possibility of paying for the registration fees through the method of instalment. For more information please contact us.

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