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Reasons to study at CSHG



Our training is adapted to the tourism sector reality, equally combining theory and practice and offering work placements in different companies from the sector at the end of every course. This allows students access to the labour market with the best working conditions and adaptation to any job position.


Teaching Staff

Highly qualified teaching professionals with updated training and international level expertise.



CSHG boasts its own 54.000 square metres campus, five operational buildings with classrooms equipped with the newest technologic devices to enhance students training.


Proffesional Opportunities

85% of our graduates gain access to the hospitality and tourism labour market before eight months, once they have finished their degrees.


Hands-on practices at the CSHG

Students acquire professional skills and abilities, from the most basic to the highest positions: waiter, cook, receptionist and manager, becoming a multidisciplinary professional with global knowledge about hospitality world.


Work Placements at firms

Accomplishing work placements all over the world is the best complement to CSHG training. Students develop their skills and gain access to the labour market


Scholarships and Instalment Payment

Students with lower income levels or with the best grades have access to scholarships, the ratio is about 1 in 7 students. Instalment payment is also possible.



Companies, institutions and organizations take advantage of our teaching staff and our 1200 graduates’ expertise and know-how. Consultancy and Training Department manages different projects and offers international level advice with the help of CSHG graduates


Former Graduates Club

The CAA introduces students to the labour market, with more than 1000 vacant job positions a year thanks to its web page, organizes workshops, training courses and edits a specialized magazine.


Prestige and recognition from the industry

The main international hotel and tourism chains trust us. Nowadays, our graduates and students are working or accomplishing work placements at different companies in more than 60 countries.

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