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Our teaching method is based on students’ introduction to the labour market when they finish their degrees. It must be: safe, easy andquality leap

Under the motto “quality education for a quality work”, our study plans aim at eliminating the differences between the academic world and the labour one.

Even the most little detail (straight dress code) to the biggest one (compulsory tutored work placement at firms) are the basis for our method and the key for our success and motivation.

Students’ step into the business world must be natural and easy. Thus, all the activities are focused on professionals’ future: tutored work placements at firms, speeches delivered by highly qualified professionals, development and supervision of the career plans that companies offer to our students once they completely finish their degrees..

Theory  and Practice

The 8/9 months courses are actually a global vision of many aspects which will help students to learn new techniques and stimulate skills and attitudes development.

The combination of theory weeks with practice weeks guarantees learning correlation and implementation of the multidisciplinary theoretical contents.

We are sure that our working philosophy is the main source of the knowledge students will need to succeed in their professional careers. Thus, our teaching team, with international experience in the different operational areas and management tools, makes use of their expertise in their daily work with students.

Work Placement (Stage)

Very academic year, the course is complemented with several months (3 in the case of Certificate, and 4 in the case of Diploma) compulsory training at hotel companies. This is called work placement or stage. Every student spends some time in each and every area to eventually become an excellent hotel manager.

The fact that every student must accomplish hands-on practices in every part of a hotel guarantees future empathy with all hotel staff and their job positions and the skills to efficiently manage a whole hotel management.

Supporting personal professional projects

Given that each student is different, the attitudes and habits which make successful professionals and managers are stimulated individually. This is achieved by putting in practice professional deonthology, featuring the satisfaction for a well done job. We train our students in the values which will help them in their personal and professional life, through immersion in the university and academic environment which features daily life at the CSHG.

More than just teaching

Our method definitely goes beyond traditional teaching. By the use of interactive pedagogic techniques, reduced groups, tutoring sessions, psycho-pedagogic support, individual supervising and the fact that students regard teaching staff as their main support allow them to mature and participate, creating an environment which stimulates students’ decision taking and  investigation.



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