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The Hotel Management School of Galicia is located in Santiago de Compostela, in A Barcia. The school, with large and quiet gardens, is only one kilometre away from the city centre. At the same time, there is a vast offer of public transport connections.

Visitors can access Santiago from anywhere using nearly any kind of transport. Train and bus stations are located inside the urban area, while the airport is fourteen kilometres away from town.

To visit the old quarter, only three kilometres away from the school, it will only imply a ten minute bus trip. Santiago is a bustling place. From 1984, it is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO as well as holding numerous prizes and awards recognizing the hard work maintaining the city’s cultural landmarks. Santiago hosts about 100,000 inhabitants and an important university with about 30,000 students, which gives the city that aura of freshness and activity featuring an important university centre.

santiagoBut Santiago is not only history and monuments. As the capital of Galicia, it is a young and dynamic city, including a vast cultural program all year. Visitors can enjoy concerts, theatre plays, painting exhibitions and cultural activities in modern infrastructures.

It is, in addition, a worldwide religious reference. The Cathedral is the final destination for all pilgrims in the Way to Santiago. The cathedral is visited every year by 3.5 million people from all over the world. During the Holy Year, as is the case of 2010, the number of visitors increases to up to 7 million.

This millenary, but also modern, city has many things to offer. It can be said that the old quarter is the nerve centre. It corresponds to the area in which, from the 11th C, comprised the today disappeared walled town. The old quarter hosts most of the worth-visiting monuments, frenetic commercial activity, numerous and varied accommodation and gastronomic offer, as well as institutions, museums, foundations and the University’s most ancient buildings. At the same time, houses, markets, coffee bars and restaurants make this old quarter a lively and dynamic space.

One of the ancient wall entrances, Porta Faxeira, is the access to Alameda Park from the old quarter. This urban park spreads between the old quarter, the University Southern Campus and the new side of town.


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